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  • Domains Registration and Transfer


    Welcome to Domain Name Services!
    We provides Consulting services to new or existing Registries as an add on to their Registry Software or as a standalone service.also providing web hosting services to the various small bussineses

    Get a domain with a website from us starting at ₨ 50.00/month. Your business should be online. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire an expert you'll find the tools you need here. †Annual plan required.

    1. Avail of attractive discounts
    2. Protect your brand by registering typos and alternate extensions
    3. Increase visitors by redirecting your domains
    4. Ensure that no one else books your desired domain
    5. Manage all your domains from one central location

    Starting from Rs. 11.99

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  • Small Business Website Design Packages


    Start Up Business Design Package - Small Business Website Design Packages
    If you are thinking of going it alone and starting a new business, but think it’s all too complicated, let us help you realise your dreams.Get logo, a website, all your business designed and printed with our fantastic Start Up Business Design Package

    All in only 1 weeks. Now, what’s stopping you

    1. Just tell us your industry type, provide us the right information, email us your logo, contact details and product images (can be done by us) and we will deliver your live site in just 7 days.
    2. We take care of the content writing, image enhancements, colors, fonts almost everything   
    3. All it costs is Rs. 5000/- inclusive of Personalized Domain (Com, Net, Info, IN, Biz), 2 email ids of 1GB each, 250 MB Web Hosting Space, Website Development.   
    4. Moreover, after the final sign off, We would not be responsible for any changes that you do on your website, including reverting back to the original website delivered.   
    5. It is the responsibility of the client to renew their domain names and hosting and other servicers when due. If a domain name expires,Vivek Web Design can not be held liable for this.

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  • Responsive Website Design Packages


    Responsive Website Design - Features Of Our Responsive Websites
    Make Your Website Flawlessly Fit Into Every Screen Dimension

    Get a Responsive Website that presents optimal viewing experience across a range of digital media platforms, and who can do it better than us for you.Responsive web design is made up from 3 basic ingredients.

    Flexible Grid based layout

    1. Flexible Media
    2. Media Queries
    3. Fluid Layout

    Our responsive layout fits perfectly into the four corners of every digital platform, not just the screen dimensions of a single device.
    Browser Compatibility
    The Responsive websites we create are programmed to run efficiently on almost every web browser including iOS, chrome, windows phone, safari, etc.
    Device Agnostic
    Our main aim is to deliver the client a website that offers optimum UX, irrespective of the device that the user is working on.
    Unrivalled Performance
    With a responsive layout, we promise our clients a website that performs under all the conditions, along with looking stunning across every device.
    Fits Into Every Width
    With a fluid design that falls into the dimensions of all screen sizes perfectly; you don’t have to worry about a new screen size breaking your website's flow!
    Rich UX
    Our responsive websites are designed exclusively for solving the problems of a real person by providing optimum user experience throughout.

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  • Custom Web Design Packages


    When it comes to Web Design, we only do the best!
    Because a few megabytes of virtual space shapes visitors' perception for your business and brand!
    We can design and develop a website that specifically meets your unique needs, and meets your required standards as well as industry related standards.

    Static Website Designing Offer :- Web Development included

    1. Domain Name + Web Hosting  
    2. Home Page with CSS Navigations
    3. Advanced Query Cart
    4. Manage Products & Photos
    5. Email Capture Form
    6. Google Analytics Installed to Monitor Progress.
    7. SEO for Better Search Engine Results
    8. 1 Month Free Maintenance

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  • Payment Gateway Integration Services


    Payment gateway

    A simple way to understand payment gateway is by comparing it to when you go to your grocery store and pass your credit card through the machine. We allow your online customers to process payments online and pay with their credit cards or checks right on your website.

    We can integrate payment gateways into your website within HOURS at a very affordable price.

    Our web development team is certified with most of the companies that offer payment gateway services, we can integrate your website with virtually any payment gateway company right away. The following list shows some of the gateways we actually work with, but never the less, if yours does not appear on that list we are 100% confident we can integrate a payment system into your website no matter what.

    Most Popular Payment Gateways:

    Payment Gateway Integration With Payment Gateway Integration With PayPalPayPal Payment Gateway Integration With PayPal ProPay U Money Payment Gateway Integration With Cyber SourcePay U Biz
    Payment Gateway Integration With First DataFirst Data Payment Gateway Integration With First American Payment SystemsFirst  Payment Systems Payment Gateway Integration With Google CheckoutGoogle Checkout Payment Gateway Integration With YourPayYourPay

    Starting from Rs. 5000.00

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